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Oil painting appreciation

oil painting appreciation , the man is art, is a necessity of the material and spiritual development of civilization, in order of the pleasant and entertainment , while the expression of spiritual emotion is an inherent desirability. At different times, they pursue, subject to the understanding and awareness of people's subjective and objective historical environment.
The choice is sometimes conscious, sometimes contain accidental factors. Qijiutuxin is human nature, the form of art is no exception. People always look forward to the language of artistic expression are subject to change, it is impossible to stay in a school of painting, theme, style. In addition, it is not: "Thirty Years Hedong, Hexi three decades", the natural law of extremes meet this things change, people art appreciation interesting not open around a "vicious circle". The face of the ancient and modern art, change is essential. Art to convey the true feelings of this constant is fundamental, as well as the stability of human nature is fundamental. Say, all kinds of art, style is always in transition and unchanged between. Art the face of change and everything else, gradient, and mutations in the ups and downs, forming a beautiful landscape of the cultural history of human spirit.
the realistic oil paintings , in the 20th century Western various historical stages in different countries have different encounter. This is determined by the aesthetic needs of people from various countries and regions. The end of the 19th century and early 20th century the realistic art of the decline in Europe, but appreciated and welcomed by people in China, it was worth adding fuel to the flames, of course, is one of the reasons, but the decisive factor is the time of social change in China need to get help from the realistic art . People are disappointed in the literati painters indulge in self-small world and the routinization of retro, hopes realistic art reflects the social reality, reflecting the emotions of the mob; hope the art to the public, most people appreciate, in order to stimulate their participation in the enthusiasm of social change. In recent decades, the reason why Western artists and the public to cut continuously realistic painting complex, and respected the concept of avant-garde art too, abandoned the form of painting the beauty of disappointment. Growing confidence, heart, eye and hand with the painting directly express the real feelings of the people, is not a substitute for other ways and means to have eternal value.
We are starting from realistic oil paintings. Since the 20th century the realistic painting to an unprecedented artistic challenge facing a grim situation. Even so, realistic oil paintings still people appreciate the art style, because it is still capable of carrying the people's spiritual aspirations, and to convey thoughts, feelings and fun of the contemporary people. Of course, in the form of language as well as technology, material Hence there are many innovations. The experience of realistic painting, living conditions, is worthy of our careful study and reflection. Because this is the issue of the scope of the laws of art, not only for us to explore the prospects for human art will be helpful, but also beneficial to study realistic oil painting language itself, the possibilities and limitations, and oil paintings appreciation.
Now, with the diverse concepts of oil painting oil painting in China has been firmly established, realistic painting, because her performance is in place, it is realistic, you can directly express the mood of the picture, no matter what era it is quite easy for people to accept. Particularly in China, with the constant spiritual civilization progress, the artists also continue to study the various manifestations of Western painting techniques and the cultural values ​​they convey, and into the spirit and skills of traditional Chinese culture and art, so that the Chinese realistic oil painting send more brilliant luster, while the Chinese realistic painting has been the concern of the world art scene, and pro-microphone and the Chinese people.