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how to make frame by Moulding

Oil painting frame, photo frame made ​​of how the lines:
The length of the frame, frame is generally more than a 45 degree angle cut by molding, such as:
,synthetic staple in the latter group, it becomes a beautiful bright frame produced:.
Photo frame, painting frame made ​​picture frames, framed oil painting completed for display with the available wood line made ​​into a frame. To increase the work effect. General painting, photographs, cross show framed mounted frame is generally covered with cardboard side, glass-covered painting, photographs, cross show positive backplane pad in the back of the artwork using nail gun fixed frame according to the production of works of size, the works of cardboard into the frame groove in the back with a nail gun fixed that is, can while painting box is much simpler, and generally only use wood Long lines box first shed painting directly to stretch the painting core is placed directly on to do the inside groove of the frame by nails, reinforcement can be!