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How paint the sketch for oil painting

Usually sketch on the oil painting in depth is not very important, a few arbitrary lines sketched out the general shape of the images of the decide the final effect of the screen color to shape, in fact, non-combustible, and for the artists of classical realist painting, the sketch is very important, it is all the artists shape. Because the sketch is the most basic form of artistic expression, artists and the natural first step in the exchange.
We look at Joe Smith from the sketch of the young artists, (1) first triggered an idea of the draft with a pencil on paper to draw a large composition and character of the general expression, and control models to carry out the sketch. Painter in sketching and more emotional factors, the main character's appearance and demeanor as close as possible to the object. (2) in the sketching process to fully appreciate the inherent qualities of the model, firmly seize this opportunity to open spirituality to be strengthened. Then, the artist sketch is issued for processing, generalization, abstraction. (3) the first two sketch continuous transmutation and purification based on the creation of the third sketch. This step is emphasized that the contour processing, so that the shape fuller figure in the role of light and shadow to produce a sense of relief. Local content to be fleshed out, drawing even more certain. The sketch is finalized, the artist a very strict method (grid to enlarge) copy the sketch onto the canvas. In the initial stage of any painting, have reason to need to spend a lot of time from the sketch. On the tone from the sketch must not, directly with the line on the canvas to modify, adjust, and can also be used to determine by a simple color screen the main color and color relationships, from the sketch is a flexible modeling process, it allows even encourage continuous modifications and adjustments, all of which are in order to determine a clear and satisfactory visual image.
Here are some draft work with the tools. (A) charcoal. Lines of smaller, more suitable for painting detail. Some people do not advocate the use of pencil, that the stereotype from the the painting color layer under the Pan-up. (B) carbon paper. Copy paper sketch onto the canvas. From the sketch stage, hair spray, glue fixative is indispensable. For easy to fall off or the Pan-color materials necessary to spray a layer of fixative. (C) charcoal. Charcoal and charcoal strips are suitable for sketching on the canvas or wood. The charcoals better performance, because it prints lighter, easier to wipe off, use a more flexible. The carbon rods can leave the heavy lines, the contour is more clear. (D) Ink. Chinese painting and calligraphy with ink, it is very interesting. Ink lines can be used both painting color cover can also be retained, it will not easily be washed off by the turpentine. (E) watercolor and propylene color. Very thin watercolor does not have any impact on the coverage of the painting color. To thick coating with propylene color. (F) color chalk and crayons. Not too much to avoid the use of white or light-colored canvas. In this sketch, excessive use of colored chalk or crayons make the foundation unstable. In addition, a variety of cloth \ rubber \ cloth \ paper and so on necessary materials.