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Lin Jian ( b.1973 ), Hokkien, enrolled in the Xu Beihong School of art painting. In 2001 to participate in found a party 80 years art exhibition, Xiamen in 2002 the first small oil painting exhibition, 2003, Xiamen oil painting exhibition of Fujian oil painting exhibition, Shanghai Art Fair Exhibition, 2001-2006 2003-2004 2004-2005 Shanghai Spring Art Salon Exhibition, West Lake art fair, 2006 Kunshan exhibition gallery. Won the 2005 Beijing International Art Exposition, 2004-2006 year China Art exposition. Lin Jian is a very talented artist, he was on the road of art to study diligently, the creation and personal experience together. His paintings have feeling of a kind of flow, and to convey to the audience. The " the Yellow River " is a painter from the Yellow River 's picturesque, the ups and the surging momentum depicted most incisive. The mighty the Yellow River waterfalls in the valley, impact of blast moisture. Rumble sound still ringing in our ears. Picture momentum of large, highly realistic, rigorous fine brushwork. The composition does not routinely, but reach a balance, has the very strong sense of the scene.

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